Erlangga A. Utama or Angga A.K.A Boga is a self-taught percussionist, Graphic Designer, Videographer and also a DJ. When He was in college he joined Space Records –Jakarta, an indie record label as an Intern.  He has been gaining his passion in music since then and alongside running his bands as a performer in F.O.C & Space System.

He has got DJing since 2006 together with his buddies working in Massivewhat crew. They were creating several underground parties in Jakarta and then met Rossi Musik Community and also Vox De Cultura Radio -a web Radio created by Sacred Bridge Foundation. Now, Boga is in charge in Classical Bang, African Conection, Rockin' The Mind programs for VDC radio that makes him look deeper into the music. For further information please click on this link