BAD PASSION PROJECT is the collective DJ name for Chris Stoker & Andy Bainbridge who are also behind the east London underground club night BAD PASSION.

Hailing from beneath various rocks around the North East of England they have spent the last 5 years gaining a loyal following amongst London's more enlightened party goers for what has now grown up to be one of the cities more discerning parties who's guests include KZA, DJ Buck, Theo Parrish, Last Waltz, Land of Light, Mo Morris, Phoreski aka Richard Gateaux, Idjut Boys, Eric Duncan, Kenji Takimi, Mark Seven, Thomas Bullock, Justin Vandervolgen and fellow residentFelix Dickinson to name a few.

With their fledgling record label due to launch in 2014 the pair alongside Saul Richards have been working on original BAD PASSION material and remixes for the likes of LAST WALTZ as well individual projects such as Machete Savane (aka Andy Bainbridge & Saul Richards who have recently released to critical acclaim on Redux Records and Cynic) and Ess O Ess which is Chris Stoker and Jamie Blanco of Figures. 

For more information on forthcoming parties, releases, podcasts and mixes you an sign up to their website ( and follow them on Facebook or Twitter.



01. Velvet Season & The Hearts of Gold Truth Machine Fo Lovers

02. Leisure Connection - Jungle Dancing

03. También - Drogato

04. Esso Ess - Re Enter

05. Arno E. Mathieu - Afternoon Fantasy

06. Boo Williams - Crissy Jazz

07. Alex Israel - Bindlestiff

08. DJ Rasoul - Truse Science

09. My Rules - More Fry

10. Richard Sen / Cazbee - Fream Affair