As a music aficionado and records collector living in San Francisco, Belda was surrounded by many talented musicians and DJs. She is very fond of the local music scene in California and later was encouraged by her friends to start playing her records instead of just collecting them. In 2009 she found herself as a DJ when she was invited to play records on 'Noise From The Void,' a radio show program on hosted by DJ Jeno of Wicked and Back2Back. Later on that year she and her friends, Sebastian & Erlene, started a disco party in San Francisco called Mongo Disko. Being a frequent guest on show and pirate sessions, she was later nominated by Jeno to have her own show on Being elected by the 90hz community DJs, she started her own show called IMAGINARY VOYAGE and the first show was aired in May 2010. IMAGINARY VOYAGE is broadcasted live every first Saturday of the month through Through out her DJ career she has played along with recognized DJ's such as Jeno (Wicked, SF), Jonah Sharp (Reagenz), Conor (No Way Back), DJ Spun (Rong Music, NYC), Briski (re:body), Sunshine Jones (Dubtribe Sound System), Space System (Space.Rec) and many more. Belda is now based in Jakarta, Indonesia and currently still hosting IMAGINARY VOYAGE radio show every month, featuring local talents and DJs.


IMAGINARY VOYAGE is a trip where your imagination is the only limit. Filling your brain with music, vibe and shipwrecks that will take your boat on a voyage, beyond your imagination into the sea of mythical world. IMAGINARY VOYAGE set sail on the first Saturday of every month from


MONGO DISKO is an intimate disco party hosted by three disko retards, Belda, Sebastian and Erlene. They started playing records together back in Summer 2008 at an underground party located in a basement of a cafe called Caffeine in downtown San Francisco. Soon enough Mongo Disko evolved into a regular disco party in Bay Area, crowding the local venues such as Amsterdam Bar, 222 Hyde, Murio's Thropy Room and EZ5. So far the Mongoloids has proudly presents San Francisco's finest DJ's which includes Jeno (Wicked/Back2Back), Jonah Sharp (Reagenz), Er!k (Psyched Up!) and Andre (Blues in Drag Radio).


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01. Love For The Sake Of Love

02. Body To Body 

03. Pazuzu

04. Take A Chance

05. Can't Live Without Your Love


06. Give Me Love

07. Feelin' Love

08. Southern Freeeze

09. Pillow Talk