1. The Smiths - This Charming Man (Bootleg)

2. Equation - Domm-Domm Yeah Mm Hmm (Nicholas Basement Remix)

3. Markus Gibb - Broken ( Split Secs Remix )

4. Human Woman - Delusional (Zev's Dreamland Mix )

5. Chemical Brothers - The-Golden Path (Ewan Pearson Rave Hell Dub)

6. Split Secs - The Joint

7. The Time and Space Machine - Pill Party In India (Psychemagik Remix)

8. Robert Dietz - Common

9. Christian_Mantini_-_Silence

10. 7 Citizens - The Interview (Rydim Version)

11. AGCP - Duet

12. Omar - Your Mess (Show B's Acid Mess Remix)

13. LHAS Inc - What Is Up

14. Master H - Stabs Call feat Geoffrey Secco (Christian Prommer Jam Remix)

15. Elef - Wake Up (Brennan Green remix)

16. Massive Attack - Any Love ( Bootleg )

17. Oskar Offermann - Fluffer ( Russ Yallop edit )

18. Bugsy and Christian Prommer - Future Lights feat Jinadu (Bugsy version)

Darma Wardhana began his career in 97 and was first recognized as a breakbeat pioneer in town.

As part of the journey, Darma and his armada decided to start a local dance label named, Echosystem. Here he created many events such Discovery Disco, Alpha Disco Beta and a legendary rave at the Diva Club back in the day. Also, aside from having played atnumerous clubs and events across town, some of which include the big international superclub events such as Gatecrasher, Godskitchen, and CREAM.

Darma is also deeply involved in the underground rave scene such as Higher Level, Rhythm Unity, The Tunnel (2002), Destination One (2003), Aquasonic, Bash Rush Anniversary, Lost Chapter at Bidadari island, Sound Therapy, Kampus Rave Party and so much more.

His past club residencies from Embassy Club in Bandung, Willow and Tabac has taken him and his DJing to new heights as evidenced in 2005 when he was nominated as House DJ of the Year, and which was then followed by a nod for Alternative DJ of the Year in 2006 by the Ravelex Electronic Dance Awards.

Darma has spun a longside with some of the international DJ’s like Harry Who, Dj Buck ,Tony Hewitt, Mauro Picotto, Darren Pearce, Rebekah, Diamond, Tatiana, Joahkim Garraud, Tim Lyall, Mark Knight , StereoMutants , DJ Meme, Pete Herbert, Diskjokke, Motor City Drum Ensemble and Tim Sweeney to name a few.

In 2011 Darma also appeared as an featured artist on a Philippine’s base dance media called East End Music ( ) then got a new residency at one of the well known Italian franchise bar named, Capocaccia follow by being chosen as a brand ambassador of Denon DJ after he joint with an Indonesian’s finest dance music label production called, DSIX Concepts ( to present.


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