Arandea Barandana, known as Dea, grown up in Jakarta, the bustling capital of Indonesia, where he began to develop his passion for 70′s disco & prog rock. In 2003 he moved to London to pursue sound design & music composition studies. Shortly after he became resident dj of East Gallery Bar in London & little to little began to play abroad from later on in various venues such as Tokyo, Stockholm, St Moritz and Bali.

Passionated crate-digger and owner of an impressive vinyl collection, Dea is also a musician & producer alongside his pal Ricardo Piccolo with whom he created the band Asphalt Pirates. In 2010 with notorious swede’s disco ace Albion & Spacelex, he launched Frisbee Records, devoted to edits of obscure electronic disco gems. The next edition Heavy Rotation 3 is soon to be released, beginning of february.


1. Glazba Za Sanjarenje "blue planet"

2.arraconga "Le Siffle Du jardin"

3 unknown "LIP SERVICE"

4 DANES ALVARO "robot"

5 enterprise "space ship to earth

6 paul simul "i got the music"

7 the strikers "disco dance"

8 tonny welk "sexy man"

9 candy darling and the viscount "space movie"

10 Unknown "can't fake a good feeling 

11 carlos qutaia "operativo"

12 ozo "night of black mamba"

13 tita bersaudara "disco ria"

14bebbu silveti "spring rain"

15 lio "sage comme une image"

16 renne rousel "caramel"

17 bappi lahiri "kassam paida karne walle ki"

18 didi halloverden "der winter"

19 eva eva eva "Do"

20 peppermint "one million years after elton john 

21 the kid brother "tamasya"