A covert quickstrike 7" release from the Black Ops camp by label stalwart Frank Booker.

Vintage Booker Disco flex on the A, dubby Idjuts-style vibes on the flip. 

500 copies only - No Repress - No Digital

Modes / Severson - Midnoght Exotics

Late night dweller Todd Modes can be found deejaying around Detroit playing anything from offbeat ambient grooves to spaced out Disco jams. He released the Todd Modes / Bobby Dolo EP on the cult underground label M1 Sessions, and as Cosmic Handshakes with Dial 81 they put out an EP called 'The Delicate Details'.

Now he teams up with Golf Channel's own wild man Mike Severson from the psychedelic Disco rock outfit Heroes of the Galleon Trade.

After a session one night, the two step out for a cold one and bump into burly biker bar bandit Randy Winter and the singer song writer sex visionary Emily Infinity. After a few drinks they invited them back to the studio and the vocals were set. Put on your jean jacket slip on your leather boots and ready yourself for a night thrill ride.

NAD Join The Fookin Party / Hold On Castro

Bastedos returns hosting two disco objects lovingly versioned by Nad. One side features the vocal talents of a mystery man with low riding balls imploring those gathered to hear him to 'join his party'...if you look at his backside, so to speak, you will head off down to sunny rainbow filled Castro for a happy sing along and dancing tune versioned from vaults of Moby Dick.

This double pack addendum to the Paradise Goulash mix from Prins Thomas for Eskimo will be of interest to any collectors out there who consider themselves completists of the Full Pupp founder's work. It's entirely made up of previously unreleased re-edits from the Norwegian maestro done specifically for the 57 track mix and it's quite the treat! Witness as the twinkling delights of "Xoul Particles" by Actress is embellished with the most subtle of percussive underbellies, the krauty delights of "Don't Dream It Be It" are blessed with a fine kosmische groove and Box Saga's "Zen & The Art of Deadlinesss" is made all the more sleazier. A fine set of scandolearic DJ tools straight from the master's mixing deck.

Prins Thomas - Paradise Goulash Versions

Rotten City is a new label based in Madrid, overseen by partners in crime Alvaro Cabana Juliana Leyva, and born to maximize synergies between different music scenes, breaking barriers to get to a common factor: quality music without pigeonholing. Nein Records man Tronik Youth handles the debut release from Rotten City, backed with remixes from the esteemed Red Axes and Richard Sen. Guided by the force of synths, "Malice Of Absence" is an intense voyage to the depth of strobes and flash... For their remix, Red Axes steers the listener towards a Balearic sunset governed by the melodies of Art of Noise, the horizontal flights of Vangelis and the spiritual calmness of Mr. Fingers. Richard Sen rises the speed gently and resolves the equation that the German cosmic exposition has deposited under a mirror ball of The Loft in a space with a life of its own.

Tronik youth Malice Of Absence