1. Junior Homrich with Brian Gascoigne - The Jaguar Theme

2. Begin - Optical Holiday (Part 1)

3. Naoya Matsuoka - Higasa No Kifujin

4. Robert Palmer - Every Kinda People

5. Psychemagik - Valley of Paradise

6. Torn Sail - Birds (Tiago Remix)

7. Rocha - Night Music

8. Mark Barott - Formentera Headspace Blues (Part 1 & 2)

9. Koharu Kisaragi & Ryuichi Sakamoto - Neo Plant

10. Il Guardiano Del Faro - Disco Divina

11. Shigeru Suzuki - Hawaiian

Indonesian DJ/ Musician Duck Dive’s as known as Muhammad Fahri better known as Gonzo. Muhammad Fahri makes a lot of abstract noises under his preferred guise of Duck Dive: a one-man experimental act whose music ranges from the abstractly breezy to the harshly tribal. He started Duck Dive in mid-2007. Back then he was into a lot of psychedelic, experimental folk stuff. Mesmerized by how recent music is so diverse, and how people can find tons of new musicians playing really weird stuff. That’s probably what motivates him to make his own music.

Indonesian label Space Records shows just how forward thinking it is by re-releasing Duck Dive’s debut record to the local market. “Inner Projections” was originally released through the experimental French label Synth Series in 2010 for the international market.

From a musician recently he become a DJ. the set he likes to play all kinds of music such as balearic (it’s correspond with new age / chill out music) through japanese city pop (reminiscing his childhood in Japan). The next Duck Dive album probably is more into club music and a touch of chillout/balearic.