Raised in Southern Ontario somewhere between Detroit and Montreal, Eddie C began his experiments in music some time in the late 80s. Inspired first by Hip Hop and the burgeoning Acid House scene, he began making tape edits of late night radio and shortly thereafter began visiting record shops and warehouse parties to discover the music first hand. Record collecting has since been a way of life for the man, followed closely by an opposing passion for skiing which lead him to his 10 year sabbatical in the Rocky Mountains of Canada. With plenty of time over the past decade for reflection and research in his log cabin studio, C has recently re-located and reconnected with the electronic music community in Berlin. His raw yet sophisticated approach to production has yielded countless releases and remixes since just 2009 and his now renowned eclectic and passion-fueled DJ sets have garnered a cult following world wide.


Eddie C could well be described as one of the Slo Mo/ Edits/ Disco scene's heaviest hitters. In just over three years he's featured on or been the main attraction with over 25 original EPs and singles and countless remixes. Having graced labels like Jiscomusic, Endless Flight, Crue-L, Sleazy Beats, Wolf Music, 7 Inches of Love & Home Taping, amongst others, with his deep, lush and beautiful grooves, C is constantly name checked by every major playa this end of the underground. In 2011 he released his first full length album "Parts Unknown" on Endless Flight and later that year began releasing new projects on his own Red Motorbike imprint. The fact is, the guy hardly needs an intro.



09. Velvet Season & The Hearts of Gold - Coffee Grinder Booty

10. JDisko - Seduction

11. Bohannon - South African Man

12. Golden Teacher - In Stoney Sleep

13. Being Borings - The Romance Edit Sculptors

14. William Onyeabor - Let's Fall in Love

15. Neu! - Im Gluck

16. Patrick Cowley - Night Crawler

01. Vakula - Hope Soon To Be There

02. Finis Africae - Los Pobres del Mundo Tocan el Bombo

03. Museum of Plate - Muse of Planet (Planet Rock Mix)

04. Axel Boman - Fantastic Piano

05. Balearic Gabba Edits Vol.2

06. Tiago - Maquina Dos Sonhos

07. Andreas Vollenweider - Afternoon

08. Tusk Wax Eleven - A2