Cynic Records has been blazing the trail for unapologetic UK house music for almost 10 years. Originally conceived as a platform for UK House Music stalwart Felix Dickinson’s own music, Cynic has since developed in to an internationally recognised mark of quality which has released a mixture of deep, tough and proper House music from established artists like L.H.A.S. Inc, Foolish and Sly, Das Etwas, Sir Lord Comixx, and Tugg, as well as breaking new talent such as London’s Jamie Blanco and the Anglo-Japanese “Dedication” project.


12’s by Cynic have a habit of finding their way in to the bags of some of the world’s most discerning and tasteful selectors and their music has featured on notable mixes from artists as varied as Rub’n’Tug, Wolf and Lamb, Larry Heard and Andrew Weatherall.

The music released by Cynic has an instantly classic appeal, which gives it the enviable quality of being as playable as it is collectible.