Gerd Janson Music for Autobahns

For the first Musik For Autobahns compilation, released back in 2012, Gerd Janson asked some of his favourite producers to create tracks inspired by the relentless, seemingly never-ending experience of motorway driving. Three years on, he's revisited the concept with similarly pleasing results. Subtitled "ambient race car music", Musik For Autobahns 2 offers up a largely magical blend of hyponitic, Balearic-tinged downtempo grooves (see Leon Vynehall's brilliant opener), shuffling hypnotism (Joy Orbison), obligatory nods to Kraftwerk (Fort Romeau), quirky synth-pop (AKSK), Detroit influences (Disco Nihilist), trippy Balearic boogie (Conga Radio), and sublime compositions (Orlando Voorn). More importantly, it contains some wonderfully evocative and entertaining music.

Simoncino Dream States EP

Just great release by Analog Man ! Nick Simoncino !

Nick Anthony Simoncino is an Italian producer, Deejay and collector of vinyl for over eleven years and boasts a collection of over 10.000 vinyl records, mainly Chicago House, Techno Detroit and Garage 80's. Inspired by the sound of vintage synths and drum machines, he started to utilise them in his productions, debuting on Mathematics Records in 2009. He works regulary for labels such as: Cre..

STL has been a firm favourite of Phonica Records ever since his first releases surfaced in the early 2000s. Although he is highly revered within the underground scene, he's always kept a low profile and consistently pursued his own blend of boundary pushing abstract and experimental House & Techno. The majority of his music has been released through his own 'Something' imprint but his unique productions have also found a home on Perlon, Smallville and Detroit's Echospace. The two tracks on 'The Amplified Bleep Package' EP marks his first contribution to Phonica's white label series and we're extremely happy have him on board. Earworm' on the A side is a rough and rugged house cut comprised of dusty analogue kicks, warm tape hiss and gritty percussion that locks you into an irresistible groove straight from the start. This is an energetic, club-ready late night stepper.

Flipside you'll find an entirely different vibe to the heavily distorted 'Earworm'. Clocking in at just under ten minutes, 'A Cat And Her Solar Life' is a cosmic journey filled with beautiful synth melodies and harmonics.

STL Amplified Bleep Package EP

Underground System Bella Ciao (Leo Mas & Fabrice Remixes)

Leo Mas dropped the original of Underground System`s “Bella Ciao” in his Boiler Room set last summer, when he revisited Ibiza alongside fellow Amnesia veteran Alfredo Fiorito, and Kelvin Andrews & Apiento, collectively representing old and new schools of Balearic Beat. Leo & Fabrice`s remix sends the NYC Afro of that original spinning in Dub, smoothing out its Punk spikes. A party going bang in the background. I can hear similarities with Golf Channel`s Central Executives, and its perhaps no coincidence that Leo & Fabrice have also recently remixed “the Exec`s” “Loveray 79”. Finger snaps and handclaps. Horns do the Masekela.

Their Dub proper gives the bass even more space. The “On Air” mix removes the drums but not the handclaps, and gives the track, and dancers, a chance to catch their breath. Psychoactive residuals still coursing. A tambourine carrying that party on inside your head. 

On a separate 10” the “Laguna” version, credited to Leo, Fabrice and Gigi Masin, flicks the stereo from 45 to 33, cuts the BPMs from 120 to 90 The rhythm lolloping, supported by the shoulders of a piano and the ambience of a morning tide, has you taking in wonders as you slowly wind your way home. When a new day might be just enough to wag your tail. A dawn`s chorus, be it birds & cicadas or the beginnings of city traffic & steel storefronts rattling open. Witnessing first light first hand.

“Bella Ciao” is a song with a history. Adapted from a traditional holler of the rice weeders of the River Po basin, it was adopted by the Italian Resistance as they fought against the Fascist Social Republic during the 1943-1945 civil war. It has subsequently been translated into Breton, Catalan, Chinese, Croatian, Danish, English, Finnish, German, Hungarian, Japanese, Kurdish, Norwegian, Russian, Serbian, Slovenian, Spanish, Tagalog, Telugu, Thai, Tibetan, Turkish, and Ukrainian, and recognized as an international hymn of freedom. If you were listening you would have heard it sung as students protested against tuition fees in Parliament Square in London, when New Yorkers occupied Wall Street, from the crowds in Turkey`s Taksim Gezi Park, at the funerals of those murdered at Charlie Hebdo in Paris, by Greece`s Coalition of the Radical Left, and by the Kurds in Syria.