01. Art Crime “Release” [WT Records]

02. Sisterhood “Tunnels (Bicep Remix)” [Tief]

03. New York Endless “A Consultants Agreement” [Golf Channel Recordings]

04. Urulu “Moon Unit” [Let’s Play House]

05. Daywalker + CF “Supersonic Transport” [L.I.E.S.

06. Daniel Avery “Knowing Well Be Here (Kink Remix)” [Phantasy]

07. Boris Werner “Acid Casino” [Voyage Direct]

08. Adultrock “Chants (Naum Gabo Remix)” [Bodytonic Music]

09. Tata Box Inhibitors “Plasmids (Placid Mix)” [Touché]

Jacques is a DJ and producer from the Washington, D.C. are a who lives and works in Brooklyn. He runs Let's Play House, a roving house, disco, and techno party as well as a n imprint of the same persuasion, with friend and partner, Nik Mercer. He owns three plants, a rotary mixer, thousands of records, and a similar number of T-shirts. Despite working within the confines of a different genre, Dischord Records is still probably his favorite label.