Freestyle and Wax records honcho Juan Nunez has been holding it down for over 20+years playing amazing dance music and repping the west side properly. Juan established Wax records, a vital store and component of the LA music scene for years, and put out some very serious edits on his freestyle label (under the moniker J.E.N.). Juan Nunez is a remarkably talented DJ whose long career is propelled by his enduring passion for dance music. His unique gift, honed by impeccable tastes and two decades of experience, is rooted in a perpetual ability to surprise. Juan's uncanny ability to blend obscure yet timeless classics with unknown but hot new records is a characteristic of his style. A tremendously respected DJ in L.A. and the on West Coast in general, Juan's career has taken him from his home to Hawaii, to the Philippines, to Chile and to many points around the globe. Thousands of dancers and nightclub enthusiasts


Jose Manuel -Les Regrets 

Cos Mes - Natural Lifespan*Prins Thomas Rmx

Noema - Iko Iko *Dub

Johnny Harris - Oddysey (Zongamin re-edit)

J.E.N - Edit

Last Waltz -Glamour Thing

Tokyo Black Star - Sottomarino

Discodromo - Island Memories

Beautiful Swimmers - New Balance

Black Merlin - 22-05

Samo DJ - Tai Pau Kau

Francis Bebey - Bissao (PilooskyEdit)

Joaquin Joe Claussell Presents Teenage Music - Storm

Dimitri From Tokyo - Sfunky (A Dimitri From Tokyo Edit