Japanese DJ/Producer/Musician as known as "Chari Chari" one half of "Aurora Acoustic". Born in Kanagawa prefecture Kaoru Inoue is a renown Japanese DJ/Producer. After starting his musical carrer as gutarist in a punk/rock band in his early 20s, he quickly got involved with DJing, influenced by Acid Jazz. 

In 1994 is start to produce under the name of "chari chari", Under this moniker he releases his 1st album ?spring to summer?, and after that ?in time?and as Kaoru Inoue ?The Dancer?. He also teams up with OSHIMA DISK DAISUKE as a minimal guitar duo named "Aurora Acoustic". 
He also runs his label "SEEDS AND GROUND" and has his own resident party called "groundrhythm" @ AIR. 

Kaoru Inoue released his second album ?Sacred Days?on Seeds And Ground. He recently released mix CD entitled ?Gifts of Unknown Prayers/Dancers of Unknown Pleasures?in July 2011.


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