Produced Chicago house and Detroit techno influenced box jams through the 1990’s. Uk, International DJ and live appearances follow including Detroit and Berlin. Early work in the UK on Emissions audio output records , in the US on Black Nation records and Wave music.



11. Beau Wanzer: Balls of Steel (LIES)

12. Paranoid London: Transmission 5 (Paranoid London)

13. Quid pro quo: Dance planet (Nation)

14. T-Trax: Splice (Clone)

15. Kenny Jammin Jason: Can you dance (DJ International)

16. Sir Stephen: In the bass (Bluebird Records)

17. Debrice King: The house controls my body (West Madison street)

18. D'Marc Cantu: Tazakuro (Creme)

19. Beau Wanzer/ Svengalisghost: Russian Torrent versions 002

20. Urban culture: The wonders of wishing (Eclipse)

01. Tuff Sherm: Burglar loops (Trilogy tapes)

02. Huerco S EP (Future times)

03. Semtek: Bento (Scott Fraser's decompression dub) (Awkward Movements)

04. Local artist EP (Proibito)

05. Decas: Unidentified flying object (Uaudio)

06. Hieroglyphic Being: The electronic belt (Alter)

07. Stingray 313 (Naked lunch)

08. Carl Craig: Darkness (Planet E)

09. Tambien: Sexualitat (Public possession)

10. Frak: Matador EP (Kontra Music)