Bali-based record collector and DJ; Sebastian got himself inspired by the old school hip-hop, soul, funk, disco, deep house, techno, acid house, the cultural revolution, warehouse raves and parties in Jakarta’ underground scene. In the early 2000s he started going on a mission in search of the black gold and began travelling the world for it. Playing across the vast diverse of music over the years; small nightclubs, private parties, online radio, sleazy dodgy bars and strange exotic dives.

In 2009, Sebastian started “Mongo Disko”, an amusing twist of Disco alternative to what was happening at the time, a gathering of eclectic Disco Balearic music. From there he has played along side San Francisco’s finest DJs such as Jeno (Wicked Crew / Back2Back), Jason Drumond aka DJ Spun (Rong Music), 40 thieves, Jonah Sharp (Reagenz), Conor (No Way Back) and Andre (Blues in Drag Radio). Currently, he is structuring a record label, working with local heroes such as Gerhan and Ojon of Akamady.

Sebastian remained of a specialty guy who played in selective parties, either with amazing sound system or for people who are trying to do the right thing.