Limited silk-screened action from the techno capital! Berlin's 777 imprint delivers another mysteriously sourced collection of tunes, this time from the shadowy Glyn figure with the superbly named Youtube Rips. "Identity Switch" is a pumping, lo-fi house swayer with a dusty percussion work, while "Kevin Lomax" is deeper, less rigid and boasting a wonderful artillery of dubby melodies. Last but not least, "Caught On (In a Flash)" offers the dancefloor antics thanks to its cut-throat kick-snare flex and heavy-bottomed bass drums. Gnarly, indeed!

Having previously starred on an unfeasibly large number of labels (including Rush Hour, Ovum, Liebe Detail and Burek), Kink adds another to the growing list. Cloud Generator marks his first appearance on Running Back, and contains, in the words of label boss Gerd Janson: "music for big rooms, wide eyes and small brains". In some ways, it's an apt description. Undeniably old skool in outlook, the EP's four main tracks variously doff a cap to vintage European techno (the blistering title track, which comes complete with many early '90s Belgian trademarks), hands-in-the-air, hardcore influenced techno (the saucer-eyed riffs and booming low end of "Diversion") and twinkling Balearic house ("Pocket Piano", which also gets a rave-era breakbeat re-touch).

Kink Cloud Generator EP

According to JD Twitch, the late Bryn Jones recorded this untitled track during the mid-'80s and used tape loops instead of sampler to create the rolling breaks and rough riffs that comprise "Untitled". Fittingly, Twitch's Optimo Trax has commissioned Victor Shan and Running Back's Gerd Janson to rework it. The first take, the 'Rave' version, resounds to dark hardcore stabs and similarly tough breaks, while on the 'Morning' take, ponderous pianos and dubbed out claps prevail. While Italian pair Unterspreche drop the ethnic sampling groove of "Flowers from the Lake" on the flip, it feels like an afterthought compared to Muslimgauze's pioneering pre-hardcore.

Muslimgauze / Underspreche Split EP

FunkinEven's Apron label are set for big things this year, what with a debut album from the dapper man due in the spring. A first 12" of the year suggests Apron will remain active when it comes to uncovering new talent, presenting Road Works Part 1 by newcomer Shamos. Hailing from Dublin, but raised in Leyton, Shamos apparently furnished FunkinEven with his tracks for potential airing on the Apron NTS show and he was sufficiently wowed to welcome him into the label fold. It's easy to see why on the basis of these four cuts with Shamos mainlining the sort of evil, gritty music for clubs with low ceilings and over active smoke machines that Apron specialise in. The swagger with which he brings in that key line in opener "Training Day" marks Shamos out as a real talent; here's to volumes 2,3,4 and 5

Shamos Road works Pt 1