The Gulbenkian Armenian born in 1975 saw a passion for the arts. Vahagn Voskerhcyan, living in Lisbon for 15 years, is a music lover. After a childhood surrounded by musical instruments that did not overwhelm, early realized that his future was going through music. Co-producer of music programs for television, in his home country in 1995 traveled 5000 km to the Portuguese capital in 2000 and, as a finalist for the ongoing management, opened a recording studio.

Then assumed the position of A & R at Music Mob Records, "a little ambitious" her, which was responsible for the publication and dissemination of projects such as Balla, Tora Tora Big Band or TÈlÈathique.

The DJ booth enticed him eight years ago now, and today is one of your favorite places.
It is resident in clubs and bars such as Lounge, Music Box, Clube da Esquina or Mary Caxuxa, with performances at Lux, Fragile, Pitch, Plan B, this just to mention a few.
Along with SeÒor Pelota, was also responsible for the events "La Vendetta", which between 2007 and 2008 came to receive the Idjut Boys, Putch 79, Prins Thomas, Inflagranti or Muallem. Devoted almost full time, the productions in the last two years will shortly result in some editions to disclose.